Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dyslexia Statistic Countries Is There A Statistic On?

Is there a statistic on? - dyslexia statistic countries

how many students have overcome a kind of disabilitty - everything from dyslexia to depression dependent tetraplegia


Teddy & Chiliswoman said...

What proportion of students enrolled at universities have a disability?
Tuesday, 03 de febrero 2009

Eleven percent of students with a disability in 2003-04. Among students who have declared a disability that fourth state of orthopedic conditions, 22 percent reported a mental illness or depression, and 17 percent a deterioration in health. Women and men differ somewhat in the type of disability, they said. Women were more likely than men to mental illness or depression, and disease reporting, while men tend to attention deficit disorder report. Independent students rather than dependent students to report any obstruction (14 vs. 9 percent). To see the chart on the

Source: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics. (2006). Profile of American students, the Commission on Institutions of Education: 2003-04 (NCES 2006-184).

Tables and Figures: (Listed by release date)

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* 2000, the proportion of graduate and first professional students with disabilities, the percentage distribution of students with disabilities based on disability through the main program of study: 1999-2000

Additional Resources: (Listed by release date)

* 2002: Profile of students in the United States of postsecondary institutions: 1999-2000
* 2000, college students with disabilities: Enrollment, Services and Persistence

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